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Passionate about drawing, illustration and photomontage, we are creating a free open platform to provide new inspirational cutouts for the design industry: a new connection between illustration and architecture.

Our creative gang of female designers strongly promotes an artistic and experimental approach to the amazing world of silhouettes for architectural and design projects.

Lately Architectural Drawings have been moving away from photo-realism to explore more emotional and visionary dimensions. Inspired by both refined illustrations from the early 20th century and narrative post-modern visualizations, digital rendering is becoming now more and more seductive thanks to a renewed use of photo montaging and illustration techniques. 

Unfortunately many designers are populating their projects with characters belonging to easily recognisable paintings or photographs regardless of any copyright infringement. The aim of this ambitious project, an original idea by Francesca Perani, is to promote a new collaboration between designers interpreting physical spaces and artists.

At the moment we have two collections running, they are totally free of charge and built in order to embrace the open source philosophy (under creative commons international licenses), as we have ourselves benefitted from it until now.

The collections will soon grow, improving the rendering visualization world with the help and talent of international artists.

With the creative contribution of:
Claudia Manenti
Ilenia Perlotti
Giulia Baroni
Irene Nembrini
Melina Ricaldes Pardo
Silvia Ravelli
Giovanna Bosis

Enjoy and spread cutoutmix original cutouts
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This site is a work in progress. 
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